Our research group aims to train students to excel as both a scientist and a person.  We realize and value the importance of diverse backgrounds and ideas in generating new scientific knowledge, and in promoting a healthy work environment.  We value freedom of expression, civil discourse, and diversity in opinions, research, teaching, and life.

The movement of ions and electrons is fundamental to all living processes. Understanding how electric fields can influence the biology of cells and tissues, building new platforms to study biological processes like the blood-brain barrier, measuring how cell membrane mechanics influence function, and applying ion channels as sensing motifs are a few of the areas we are presently studying. Check out some recent work below, more information is present in the primary publications from our group.

recent bioelectrochemistry results

  • Potentiometric-Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy
    Potentiometric-Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (P-SICM) is a rising sub-class of scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM) that allows for the simultaneous collection of topography and local apparent conductance. In the […]
  • Our New COMSOL Simulation Horsepower
    For electrochemists doing research with scanning probe techniques, COMSOL modeling plays a significant role in instructing experiment design, estimating imaging results affected by pipette geometric, and validating electrochemical phenomena […]
  • Ion Channel Probe-SICM
    The bakergrp developed ion channel probes (ICP) for SICM to expand the functional sensing capabilities of SICM. The initial stage of ICP-SICM was developed in 2014 by Yi Zhou […]
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