All things electrochemical.

We build instruments and develop methods to measure electrochemical processes at the interface of biology, materials science and synthesis.

Electron and ion motions are, to say the least, a ubiquitous part of chemistry, and the significance of new ways to measure them is unlikely to vanish any time soon, if ever. If a chemist were ever so rash as to claim to be poised to “discover the secrets of the universe”, I would wager that she or he is an electrochemist.

Royce Murray


Training the next generation of analytical chemists.

Learning and exploring in a challenging, creative, diverse environment.



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Cody Leasor elected to GSAC

Cody Leasor was elected as an analytical division representative to the Graduate Student Association…

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New Members Join the Baker Group!

Kelly Vernon joined the Baker group this fall as the first true Aggie. She gained her bachelor&#8217…

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Benchtop SEM and Sputtercoater

If asked what we’ll be imaging the most with this instrument, the answer will be nanopipets. Our gro…

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