research - instrumentation

Our group is focused on all things electrochemical.  Fundamentals, applications, instrumentation.  Some recent areas of interest are shown below.  Highlights below are examples of our work, the full scope is much wider, please browse our publications for a full view.


Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy

We are continually interested in the evolution of scanning ion conductance micrsocopy as an analytical technique.  Especially for applications in quantitating interfacial chemistry at cells/tissues and at advanced materials. (ECS Interface, 2014). 

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Single-Entity Electrochemistry

The chance to measure individual things (or "entities") via electrochemist is a powerful paradigm.  We are interested in developing the next generation of electrochemical tools for measuring single-entity electrochemical processes (JACS, 2018). 

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Electrospray with Nanopipettes

Nanopipettes provide a highly intriguing platform to study the electrospray process, which is of great interest as both an ionization source for mass spectrometry and as a deposition source for materials (Analytical Chemistry, 2015).

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