research - materials

Our group is focused on all things electrochemical.  Fundamentals, applications, instrumentation.  Some recent areas of interest are shown below.  Highlights below are examples of our work, the full scope is much wider, please browse our publications for a full view.


Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy

Recently we described SECCM measurements of electrocatalytic reduction at individual gold nanoparticles.  We are developing routes to monitor facet and shape dependent catalysis at a range of solution synthesized materials in similar formats (Nanoletters, 2020).

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Membrane Materials

Understanding the transport and chemistry of polymer membranes is key to a number of critical technologies, especially as related to batteries and advanced energy sources.  We have developed methods to characterize transport at polymer membranes and applied these methods to studies of track-etch polymer membranes.  Additionally, degredation and characterization of nafion membranes has been carried out with electrochemical scanned probes and standard surface science techniques.   (JECS, 2018).  

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New Carbon Electrode Materials

Pyrolyzed parylene C and pyrolyzed photoresists are interesting materials to employ for patterned and three dimensional electrodes.  We have described a number of studies that investigate the properties of thin pyrolyzed carbon films. (Analytical Chemistry, 2011).

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